Homilies Year A


3rd Sunday of Advent Gaudete Sunday is Good Medicine

4th Sunday of Advent Preparing our Hearts for a Blessed Christmas



Holy Family 2019 What a Holy Family Looks Like


Holy Mary Mother of God Yes or No in 2020

Epiphany The Gift of Relationship

Baptism of the Lord Webbed Feet and Sacramental Grace

2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time Jesus Ranks Ahead of Us


3nd Sunday of Ordinary Time A Celebration of the Word of God


Presentation of the Lord We Carry the Light of Christ


5th Sunday of Ordinary Time Salt Light and Discipleship

6th Sunday of Ordinary Time What Drives our Behavior

7th Sunday of Ordinary Time What Turning the Other Cheek Looks Like


Ash Wednesday Lent Begins

1st Sunday of Lent A Time for Spiritual Quarantine


2nd Sunday of Lent Following God to an Unknown Land

2nd Sunday of Lent The Transfiguration the mystery of PI and glimpsing eternity

4th Sunday of Lent Why


5th Sunday of Lent Hope in Surreal Times

Palm Sunday 2020 Eli Eli lema sabachthani

Palm Sunday The Medicine of the Cross


Holy Thursday 2020 Saved in Hope Revisited Part I


Good Friday 2020 Saved In Hope Revisited Part II


Easter 2020 Saved in Hope Revisited Part III

2nd Sunday of Easter The 14 Holy Helpers


3rd Sunday of Easter Which Direction Will We Travel

3rd Sunday of Easter The Road to Emmaus and Back

4th Sunday of Easter The Little Black Dot


5th Sunday of Easter Thomas

5th Sunday of Easter Navigating the Labyrinth

6th Sunday of Easter A Cure for the Grumpies

6th Sunday of Easter A our daily prayers

Ascension Heaven and Earth Collide

Ascension of the Lord make disciples of all nations

Pentecost The Gift of Peace


Trinity Sunday Dante and the Power of Self Giving Love


16th Sunday of Ordinary Time Ants Grasshoppers and Starfish

Transfiguration 2017 Jesus calls us to transformation

19th Sunday of Ordinary Time Tohuwabohu

31st Sunday of Ordinary Time Authority and Authenticity

Thanksgiving Homily 2017 Giving Thanks to God

Christ the King The Myth of Self Sufficiency