Homilies Year B

1st Sunday of Advent The Divine Sculptor

2nd Sunday of Advent Do our lives point to Jesus

3rd Sunday of Advent Choose Joy

4th Sunday of Advent Open Your Hearts for Christmas

Christmas 2017 St. Boniface and the Christmas Tree

Holy Family choosing to be a holy family

Mary Mother of God 2013 New Year Resolutions

Epiphany Following Stars

Baptism of the Lord Living our Baptism as Priests Prophets and Kings

6th Sunday of Ordinary Time Spiritual Leprosy

7th Sunday of Ordinary Time Spiritual paralysis

8th Sunday of Ordinary Time preparations for the desert

4th Sunday of Lent Called to Evangelize

Holy Thursday Love Looks Like Washing Feet

Good Friday Peter Follows Jesus

Good Friday Tetelestai

Easter Vigil God loves you more than your love yourself

Easter Sunday God loves you more than your love yourself

Easter How do you define life

2nd Sunday of Easter The Wounded Healer

4th Sunday of Easter The Blessing and Problem of Freedom

5th Sunday of Easter The Benefits of Spiritual Pruning

Ascension 2018 Proclaim the Gospel

Corpus Christi Sacramental Imagination

10th Sunday of Ordinary Time Do Not Hide from the Lord

Nativity of St John the Baptist Do Our Lives Point to Jesus

13th Sunday of Ordinary Time Death is Not the End

All Saints What Makes Life Beautiful

32nd Sunday of Ordinary Time Charity and Grace

32nd Sunday of Ordinary Time Stewardship Lessons from Rome

33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time Apocalyptic Language and the Big Picture

Thanksgiving Surviving Thanksgiving with your Family